Origin not allowed

My grafana local host keep showing origin not allowed, what could be the issue?

It appears that you haven’t obtained any detection results yet. To view detections and ensure a proper setup, we recommend using the BrainFrame Client. By utilizing the BrainFrame Client, you can visualize the detections before proceeding to explore the analytics dashboard.

Please make sure to follow the instructions provided in the documentation to set up and configure the BrainFrame Client. Once you have successfully loaded the Capsules and confirmed the detection results, you can proceed to explore the analytics dashboard with confidence.

The BrainFrame Client provides a comprehensive interface that demonstrates the BrainFrame REST API, and allows you to interact with the BrainFrame system, ensuring a seamless experience when working with detections and analytics. BrainFrame Client is an OpenSource project GitHub - aotuai/brainframe-qt: 🧠🖼️ The official desktop client for BrainFrame, made with Qt