BrainFrame v0.28.3 is released!

We’re all excited to announce the latest release of BrainFrame v0.28.3!


If you’ve already installed BrainFrame, simply run:

brainframe update

Then download the latest client using the download instructions here.



  • :tada: The BrainFrame Client now allows editing zones! You can now take any existing zone, press the edit button, and change the position of the zone. No data will be deleted.
  • The dashboard now ships with a new panel, called the “imageit” panel. More information on creating queries with the panel can be found here.
  • The full Aotu documentation can now be saved as a PDF, by going to this URL.


  • :tada: Add iGPU inference support to TigerLake architecture CPU’s! This previously would cause capsules to fail to load. Since iGPU support is still in beta, it must be enabled manually. Please see instructions on the bottom for how to enable the iGPU feature.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where CPU was very high when BrainFrame was unable to connect to streams. CPU should be much lower now while BrainFrame retries connections to streams.
  • Fixed more segfaults in the journal microservice. Stability should be improved.

How to use iGPU with OpenVINO Capsules

This feature is currently in beta. Here’s how to use it!

# 1. Stop the BrainFrame server
brainframe compose down

# 2. Add an environment variable telling BrainFrame to allow iGPU
echo OPENVINO_DEVICE_PRIORITY=GPU,CPU >> $(brainframe info install_path)/.env

# 3. Start BrainFrame
brainframe compose up -d

# 4. View logs, and look for the log "Loading capsule ___ onto devices GPU
brainframe compose logs -f core

Make sure you have an OpenVINO capsule installed, to test this feature.

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