BrainFrame v0.29.0 is released!

We’re very excited to announce BrainFrame v0.29.0!

This release concentrates on performance and stability, but has also paved the way for some exciting features in the future. Be sure to check back for more updates!


If you’ve already installed BrainFrame, start by updating your existing OpenVINO capsules to their latest release:

for c in /var/local/brainframe/capsules/*_openvino.cap; do wget -O $c$(basename $c) ; done

Then update BrainFrame normally:

brainframe update

Finally, download the latest client using the download instructions here.



  • Added hardware video decoding support for the new Tiger Lake Intel CPUs
  • Due to stability improvments, iGPU inference support has now been enabled by default for Intel CPUs, reducing CPU usage considerably
  • Decreased GPU memory usage when using hardware video decoding on Nvidia GPUs

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a segmentation fault found in the journal when running for long periods of time
  • Fixed a variety of validation-related bugs related to editing zones through the REST API

when we have the version that run in arm architecture?

We currently support NVIDIA JETSON ARM platform, there is no date for general public release on ARM platform yet. It is only available to commercial customers.