BrainFrame v0.27.0 is released!

We’re all very excited to announce the latest release of BrainFrame, v0.27.0! For this release, we focused primarily on robustness. Thanks to the feedback that all of you have provided us, BrainFrame is more stable now than ever! We have a few exciting features sprinkled in as well, so please take a look at the change list.

As always, everything can be found on our downloads page.

Major Features

  • The client is now available as a Snap! This allows us to support a much larger variety of Linux distributions. The Snap is currently in beta, but is expected to become the preferred way to install the client in the future.
  • Line crossing detection is now significantly more accurate for tracked detections

Minor Features

  • The server now shows the video stream even if analysis results are not available
  • Remove the need to configure the server’s hostname when using proxied streams
  • Added an API endpoint for uploading capsules, PUT /api/plugins. This is a nice alternative to adding capsules to the server’s capsules directory for scripts. Support for this in the client is coming soon!
  • Made it more clear which direction is “entering” and “exiting” when creating a line
  • We’ve open sourced our capsule benchmarking script
  • More descriptive errors are provided when an invalid capsule is loaded
  • Improve device compatibility for hardware video decoding

Bug Fixes

  • The client now immediately responds to server URL changes instead of appearing to ignore them
  • Zone enter/exit counts are more robust to server restarts, primarily improving graph accuracy
  • BrainFrame is now resilient to intermittent database failures
  • BrainFrame is now resilient to crashes in capsules
  • Fix bug where ongoing alerts would occasionally get deleted
  • Reduce client memory usage