BrainFrame v0.28.0 is released!

We’re all excited to announce the latest release of BrainFrame v0.28.0! For this release we focused primarily on speed and platform optimizations.


If you’ve already installed BrainFrame, simply run:

brainframe update

If you haven’t installed BrainFrame, then follow our installation instructions.


Capsules from v0.27 are not compatible with v0.28. You will need to replace any previously downloaded capsules under /var/local/brainframe/capsules with new capsules downloaded from the Downloads Page. Check the logs in brainframe compose logs -f core if capsules aren’t loading.


Performance Improvements

  • :tada: Many performance optimizations and fixes that should yield higher FPS throughput with any capsule.
  • Split up BrainFrame into several microservices, increasing stability and recovery in case any crashes were to occur.
  • :tada: Added support for nvidia hardware-accelerated video decoding


Bug Fixes:

  • :tada: Fixed the issue where bounding boxes wouldn’t align with the objects in the video!
  • Fixed various segfaults that would happen in v0.27
  • Fixed several memory leaks
  • Fixed various streaming related errors
  • Fixed an error on the client when an alert screenshot isn’t found
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sudo brainframe update

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