BrainFrame v0.29.3 is released

1 What are included

Brainframe Smart Vision OS

  • This release v0.29.3
  • Last release: v0.29.1

Dependencies included:

  • vcap, vcap_utils v0.3.4 (Last release: v0.3.3)
  • gstly v0.3.8
  • brainframe-api v0.30.0 solves the problem where brainframe-client does not exit if all video streams are removed


  • brainframe client windows build is not supported on this release
  • brainframe client windows build: The first time may take a few minutes due to Windows security scan

2 Change Description

  1. Fixed gstreamer @ in rtsp password issue. A patch has been added to gstreamer to support rtsp://username:passw@rd@ This change affects both brainframe OS & clients; The fix is only included in the brainframe OS and brainframe-client linux release; windows client is not included.
  2. brainframe-api v0.30.0 solves the problem where brainframe-client does not exit if all video streams are removed.
  3. Add stream id in the log when there is a BaseException in capsule runtime
  4. Add Exception handling when we delete the data_storage instance.
  5. Add wait time in the log when we wait for message connection
  6. Support customized stream reader for enterprise applications. Improved the stream_manager to support the customized stream reader. The specific customized stream reader is configurable with the runtime-options inside the stream configurations, and can be loaded dynamically with the reflection mechanism.
  7. Support extracting images from video files for enterprise applications. Added an API for extracting images from video files according to the clients’ request.
  8. Fixed the check_analysing API. The analysis status will be taken as False when the video file is ended, and the analyzer is still in the engine’s analyzer list.

3 Installation

{#.#.#} or {###} are version numbers, for example 0.29.0 or 0_29_0

3.1 brainframe server installation

brainframe update --version v{#.#.#}

–force is needed if you have a new release already installed.

3.2 brainframe-client downloadable zip file installation

unzip -d v{###}brainframe_linux_client v{##_#}

Change execution permission,

chmod 755 v{###}_brainframe_linux_client/

3.3 brainframe-client snap installation

sudo snap install brainframe-client --channel=latest/beta

4 Module dependencies

4.1 brainframe-api

Only for brainframe-client or developer’s customized brainframe applications

pip show brainframe-api

pip install brainframe-api==0.30.0

5 Launch brainframe

Make sure there is no .env or docker-compose.override.yml in the directory

ls -la $(brainframe info install_path)

Launch brainframe

brainframe compose up

Launch brainframe-client on linux

bash v{###}_brainframe_linux_client/

Launch brainframe-client snap


Launch brainframe-client on Windows