BrainFrame v0.24.0 is released!

BrainFrame v0.24.0 is now available! This is a major release with many exciting changes, so please check it out.

Change List

  • The BrainFrame client now has beta support for Windows! Check it out on our Downloads page.
  • Added an experimental option that significantly improves video file performance for some video formats. To try it, check “Avoid Transcoding” under advanced options when creating a video file stream in the client.
  • Add a REST API endpoint to delete users
  • Fix database connection leak when using the GET /api/streams/statuses endpoint
  • Fix UI resizing bug in zone/alarm creation page on some systems
  • Significantly improve StreamGateway stability, especially under unreliable network conditions
  • Improve BrainFrame client stability on unreliable network conditions

To upgrade, download the new docker-compose.yml and client from the Downloads page.