First installation. Having issues starting up client

I’m new to this world and need help running the server and client.
I have installed the server successfully and have also installed the client successfully both on ubuntu.
The server is running and when I run the client, i can’t get the client to connect.
I am probably making a silly mistake, I am brand new to this so please help me get the first steps right.
I have attached some screens of what is happening with the client.
the host is the server right? the server is on the same LAN.
I have also created a license.

Hope you can assist me to get started.

Hi Vitor,

I think that you installed the server and client on different machins. You should change the server address from the " http://localhost" to the real address of the machin which you installed the server. You also need to go through the “Server uses authentication” to access the server. Then you can use the “Check Connection” button to find whether the client connect to the server.

Normally, if you want to experience the features and application of BrainFrame, I strong suggest that you should better install the server and client on the same machin. It would be very easy to config.

I hope that my reply will be helpful.

Dear Chris,

Thank you for tour reply.

Yes, I had installed the server and client in different machines.

I have corrected that and tried to install the client on the server machine and I’m still not successful.

I have also tried installing brainframe server and client on my Mac using parallels and Ubuntu 18.04 and I get exactly the same error when I try to run the client.

The screenshot attached shows the error I get in both machines.

Hope you can assist.

Thank you

Best regards,

Vitor Figueiredo

Hi Chris.
just to let you know that I have figured out the problem.
Unfortunately, the installation instructions on the website for beginners aren’t very clear.

Thank you



Hi Vitor,

Thanks for your patience and suggestion. We will improve the instruction to be more friendly for the beginners.

Hope you can find BrainFrame helpful. If there is any requirement, please let me know.



Hi Chris,

So I have installed and have got the server and client running.

I have added a ip camera to the server and it’s working well.

Now it’s time to add the capsules. Instruction tell me to check if the directory brainframe exists. It’s doesn’t and this is again starting to get complicated.

Is there a chance for you to login to this pc and help me out with these initial steps?

I don’t want to give up on this but it’s starting to take to much time. :frowning:

Thank you

Best regards,

Vitor Figueiredo

Hi Vitor,

I suggest you to choose the GUI of ubuntu to do this instead of command line.

  1. opne the “files” → go to the bottom, select the “+ Other Locations”, and open the icon “computer”
  1. Go down the folders list to find the “var”, then enter, find the “local” folder, then enter, you will find the folder of “brainfram”
  1. Enter the “brainframe” folder, you can find the “capsules” folder

  2. Copy or move the capsules you downloaded into the “capsules” folder. The capsules will be automatically added in system.

I hope this can help you.



Hi Chris,
I am still struggling with installing capsules.
The brainframe directory you mentioned has been automatically created under var/snap/brainframe-client/ . Probably something I did wrong when doing the installation. I have made the capsules directory under the brainframe-client and copied the capsule “detector_person_and_vehicles_fast.cap” to the directory but unfortunately still doesn’t show in brainframe-client app so its probably in the wrong place.