Why am I getting a "LicenseInvalidError"? (v0.25.0)


When we use the v0.25 server we get the following problem. Here are the details:

  1. v0.25 server set up sucessfully
  2. We can get the info from some API eg: user info

But when we access the license API we get the status “invalided”
Then we tried to use the API of Set license key to get thi detailed info, we got the following error info: Could not reach licensing server. Your license requires an online checkin for verification.

Env: ubuntu virtual OS

Could you please tell me how to fix it?

Hi! It looks like BrainFrame is having trouble contacting the licensing server, which runs in the cloud. Does the computer running the BrainFrame server have access to the internet?


Hi ,Tyler Compton, thanks for your time.
This personal computer can access the Internet, but it needs to set up Neusoft’s proxy network.

Hi,Tyler Compton.
I solved this problem.
I added a network proxy to the 「docker-compose.yml」 file.
we access the license API we get the status “valid”.

Glad to hear it’s working! I would recommend making any custom configuration in a docker-compose.override.yml. That way, you can easily upgrade to new versions of BrainFrame without having to re-configure the network proxy every time.

Hi,Tyler Compton.
Create a new file docker-compose.override.yml as you said. And add custom environment variables to the docker-compose.override.yml file.
it’s working!
thanks for your help